TelexFREE’s NEW Financial Product & Service – AN ACCOUNTANT’S PERSPECTIVE

by Samantha Gomez on November 13, 2013

telexfree MFA

I received this great email about the launch of the new telexfree MFA (My financial advantage plan). The email was from our global marketing strategy team and specifically written from an accountant’s perspective.

I thought this would be great to share as a blog post as alot of the details in this email had me really excited for what’s to come with telexfree.

I hope you enjoy!

Hi Everyone;

I hope you all are well and that you are enjoying your weekend.  A week has passed, since we were all in Orlando, Florida for the International TelexFREE Extravaganza; and I have had some time to really think about the direction of TelexFREE and where we are all going with the exciting and eminent release of the new products and services.

This one, in particular, is quite motivating and inspirational to me:

The new TelexFREE My Financial Advantage Plan (MFA).


Most of you already know my background, as a Public Accountant for over 30 years here in the United States.  In addition, I’ve been licensed as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for 20 years of that.  So I have the experience to understand the complexities of our financial world today.  Those certifications are not easy to obtain, and it does give me the ability to provide you a professional perspective of what is ahead for all of us in TelexFREE.


As a TelexFREE Promoter and Entrepreneur, I’m sure it is a primary goal for all of you to improve your personal financial stability and be able to provide for those who you love most, like your family, children, and grandchildren.  That’s why I am a Promoter of TelexFREE. 

This is why, I believe, the new (MFA) will be so profoundly beneficial to all of us.  First, it allows all of us access to a group of Financial Consultants that are expertly skilled in helping people cope with the complexities in today’s financial world both here in the United States and abroad.  While the focus of the core product, the credit restoration product, is for residents of the United States, the education and value of the product is international in its realm.  And the equity development facet of the second product is for the entire international audience.  This is truly an international product and service.

 As a professional in the Financial Services industry, here is what I see:

There are three distinct areas of (MFA).

The first, Credit Restoration, is focused on the United States credit reporting system and will help anyone in the U.S. improve your credit history score; which, as you know, will greatly help you to reduce your costs of borrowing and open up new avenues that you can use to borrow and invest.  As a product, this is currently available to U.S. residents only

The second product, Debt Elimination, will quickly become your ally in the world of financial management.  Based on your building development efforts and your consistency as a TelexFREE Promoter, your TelexFREE earnings will continue to increase.  All of you would agree, when proper management is applied, you earn money not lose money.  And having a team of financial service consultants assist you in managing your debt to the point of elimination, is the best thing, in my opinion as an Accountant, that you can do for your financial health and future.

You deserve to be debt free…and TelexFREE will get you there!

The third product, Financial Advice On Demand, allows you continued access to knowledgeable experts and consultants at MFA.  As you learn the fastest way to eliminate debt, you are then transitioned into the process of wealth accumulation and portfolio expansion.  This is where the global interest increases for MFA.  You will not be able to get this kind of wisdom, counsel, or advice anywhere else for this price.

No matter where you live in the world, we all know someone who is struggling with financial management.  And we now have a proven way, to get expert help, without enduring high fees of expensive consultants and practitioners.  As a professional Accountant, I have spent my entire career, looking for options to those who could not afford my fees and rates.  I now confidently have that resource with MFA.  Everyone deserves to have a financial adviser, but not everyone can afford a personal Accountant.  Now, if MFA is good enough for me, I would trust you all would consider it being good enough for you, let alone the 100’s and 1,000’s of people who deserve a product and service such as this.

I want to help you.  I want to help you, because I am a TelexFREE Team Builder, and as a Team Builder, that is my responsibility to you.  In addition, I am an Accountant, and it is my honor to provide you valuable information so that you can control your financial future.



Below is some additional information about the MFA products and services.  I, along with other TelexFREE Team Builders and Financial Services Experts, will provide you and your team a lot more training on these products and services in the days, weeks and months to come.  Let’s all take advantage of the opportunity that is in front of us with MFA. Build your TelexFREE business.  Build the infrastructure of TelexFREE worldwide and assist in sharing these products and services with new Customers.  Improve your financial standing and let’s all work together to really change our own lives; but more importantly, the lives of others!

I implore you to pre-register for preferred enrollment with MFA.  I, and others, asked to have an invitation such as this provided for you.  Here it is, take advantage of it NOW!

TelexFREE has given us an exclusive opportunity to “beat the rush” and is allowing us to PRE-REGISTER for (MFA). This will be a commissionable product and will expand your TelexFREE earnings as your team members make use of this wonderful product. Commissions will be paid out as part of the unilevel compensation plan much the same as they are for the VOIP plan.  We are ASKING ALL OF YOU to take advantage of this time sensitive information and PRE-REGISTER…NOW!  By pre-registering you are not committed to purchasing the product, or are being contracted to do so, but it will allow you to receive priority information on the products and services.
Here is some additional information about what you will receive with your monthly membership in the MFA Plan:


Thanks to the recent decline in our economy, over 80% of Americans are struggling with some sort of credit issue.  Don’t let low credit scores cost you thousands of dollars in high interest rates, down payments, and overpriced car or home owners insurance premiums. Let the MFA Credit Correction and Consulting Experts help you get your credit scores back into the best shape possible. 


Here’s What’s Included With Your Financial Advantage Membership…

1) FREE Credit Reports (Trans Union, Experian & Equifax) provided through
2) Professional analysis of your credit reports by a CreditTRAX and a Credit Restoration Expert.
3) Unlimited personalized disputes processed and sent on your behalf to assist with the correction or deletion of any information you believe is inaccurate, misleading, outdated, obsolete or that is no longer able to be verified
4) Updated Credit Reports provided by each reporting agency to show all items corrected or deleted.
5) Customer Portal to keep you informed on where MFA is in the process of your dispute.
6) Credit Rebuilding Services to help you establish or re-establish your credit history and score.
7) Identity theft correction.

Here’s What You Can Expect…

1) C.R.O.A. Compliant, Professional, Personalized & Prompt Service
2) Clients of MFA typically experience an average Credit Score increase of 50-150 points.

3) Increasing your credit scores can save you hundreds and even thousands of Dollars in: Interest Rates, Down Payments, Automobile and Home Owners Insurance Premiums
4) Peace of mind


Debt is one of the biggest problems in the world today!  However, with the MFA Debt Elimination System, they can provide you with a detailed monthly plan of action to eliminate ALL of your debts, including your mortgage, in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time or even less, without you having to spend one dime more than you are right now!  Think about that!  Really think about that!  This incredible system doesn’t hurt your credit history, allows you to keep all of your credit cards and can potentially save you tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. Money you can now invest in you and your family’s future, instead of being a slave to your creditors for the next 20-40 years. 


It’s your money…not theirs!  Right?

As an Accountant, I am often faced with clients who come to me when things are bad, real bad.  In many cases, I am like an Emergency Room Doctor, asked to…well…make a financial “miracle” happen.  My one piece of advice for all of you, is have a financial plan.  DO YOU HAVE ONE?

Thanks to TelexFREE, and as a Promoter, now you DO!

Here’s WHY!


As a part of MFA, EquityTRAX provides you with a personalized millionaire plan! The irony of the EquityTRAX Plan is that they use your DEBT to put you in the position to CREATE WEALTH. That’s right! ELIMINATING your Mortgage, Car Loans, Medical Bills, Student Loans, and Credit Cards can make you WEALTHY!

Imagine a system that will show you how to pay off all of your debts, including your mortgage(s) in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time, or even less, without spending any more per month on your debt than you do right now! This CAN be done without qualifying for any new loans or slaughtering your credit rating! That’s right! This is NOT a consolidation program or credit counseling program.  Plain and simple, EquityTRAX is a step-by-step system that will show you, your Creditor’s Debt Plan, the one making them rich.  Now, your NEW EquityTRAX Plan, is the one that will make you WEALTHY instead!

Unlike the “debt diets” that you’ve read about in articles, books – heard on the Radio – seen on TV, and the Internet, EquityTRAX is a comprehensive, yet extremely flexible plan that can show you the way out, whether you’ve got $2.00 in debt, $2,000,000.00 in debt, or anywhere in between. The MFA system works by creating an all-inclusive plan showing you the day, month, and year that each of your creditor’s will be eliminated from your financial picture. Then, we follow-up each and every month with computer generated statements showing you EXACTLY what to do that month to stay on track. What if Life Happens? No Problem! The system can be updated and adjusted for any contingency. If you trade-in your car, sell your home, invest in real estate, re-finance your mortgage, or use your credit cards, the system will AUTOMATICALLY ADJUST, re-calculating your roadmap to financial freedom.


And all at the touch of a button!


One of the reasons so many people struggle with their finances, is because of where they get their advice and from who.  MFA gives you unlimited consultations with CPA’s & CFP’s, to keep you from ever making another bad financial decision again. 


Get the advice you need to:


1      Reduce your tax liability.

2)     Develop a budget.

3)     Set-up a retirement account.

4)     A college fund for your children.

5)     Determine what type of investments fit your risk level.

6)     Simply develop a financial plan for you and your family.


Seriously, coming from an Accountant, and a Member of the Financial Services community, why would you pay $125.00 – $650.00 per hour (that’s our industry scale) for financial advice when it’s UNLIMITED with every MFA Membership?


MoneyTRAX is your “One Stop Shop” for Unlimited Financial Advice On Demand provided by one of America’s Best CPA/CFP Firms. These Financial Experts can provide you with advice you need to keep you from ever making another bad financial decision again.

Their specialty is serving the financial needs of individuals and businesses. I have talked to these gentlemen and had the privilege of getting to know them professionally and personally.  MoneyTRAX can advise you on proven strategies to help you save money, make money and most importantly, create wealth.

And best of all…you no longer have to pay the $125.00 – $650.00 per hour for professional advice. That’s right!  All of the services listed below are included in your MFA membership.  For approximately, $70.00 per month, (less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day), you personally have access to all of this.  And imagine the demand and need for this in our extended family’s lives, our personal neighborhoods, and our online communities like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here’s what’s included with your Financial Advantage Membership…

1) UNLIMITED CONSULTATIONS:  Need to ask a question about a personal financial matter? Give MoneyTRAX a call at no charge to you or schedule an appointment online, ANYTIME!

2) PAST YEARS TAX REVIEW: MoneyTRAX will look at your last 3 years tax returns to see if there is something your tax preparer missed that is a legitimate deduction and help you get back money on any deductions that may have been missed.

3) MoneyTRAX FINANCIAL LIBRARY: Access to MoneyTRAX Financial Library with financial planning information and numerous financial calculators. Members also receive a monthly newsletter loaded with financial planning tips.

4) EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE CALLS: Great atmosphere for continuing education and Q & A’s. Sample topics include: How to keep proper records.  How to maximize tax savings.  How to plan for your retirement.  Determining if you have the proper amount of life insurance.  And countless others.


In closing, I have enjoyed working with all of you.  You have built the fastest and largest TelexFREE Team in the world.  Yes, the world!  That is an accomplishment you can be proud of.  And there are other products and services that will be coming that will continue to increase your Commission Plan.  And I know with confidence that 100% of you are seeing results with TelexFREE on a monthly basis.  This is a small amount of money to pay for this education.  In fact, I ask that you not look at it as an expense; but rather, look at it as an investment in yourself.


As an Accountant, I am thrilled to be representing a group of products and services that puts all of you in a position of control.  I know money, and I know how to manage it.  And with MFA, you will learn more than you could ever imagine.  And receive an education that no one will ever be able to take away from you.


Please, as one of your Team Builders, take advantage of this Pre-Enrollment opportunity.  We have worked hard to reserve this priority space for you, and encourage you to take advantage of it, as this preferential treatment is available to the first 3,000 Promoters only.”

Isn’t this awesome!? Imagine being able to offer people worldwide a plan to help them eliminate their debt.

If you’re not a promoter for telexfree yet, what are you waiting for?



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